Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Photo from my 2016 Fire and Rain art project that was banned 3 times, twice by the Sergeant-at arms Brian Hodgsen and his Visitors Services Manager Al Chapman. I was first banned from painting on the Alberta Legislature grounds January 2016 by the facilities manager of the Alberta Infrastructure claiming concerns over liability issues. A total of 8 days of my picketing the Alberta Government defending my right to freely express art on the Alberta Legislature grounds resulted in a letter February 2016, of permission to paint and show my art on the grounds that later overruled Brian Hodgsen's 2 bans later in the year.  
The Forth ban: 2019: Art banned: Do you think this is an honourable place?' asked the Speaker's Sergeant-at-arms, after banning my t-shirt I was wearing that said "Pipelines, Alberta United, A Nation Divided" and my use of ASL American Sign Language inside the Alberta Legislature public gallery.  They claim a complaint was made by an employee of news media. 

2016 Fire and Rain art collection
Focused on Alberta wildfires and flooding

Wildfire - January 2016, next to Edmonton City Hall's ice rink

Three Trees by the Premiers Office - March 1, 2016
First Day Painting after art ban lifted 


Wood Buffalo Wildfire - Alberta Legislature Art Show and Tell
Gift to NDP MLA Anam Kazim, noon hour May 3, 2016

Fort McMurray - The Beast, 5 PM May 3, 2016

Fort McMurray Surreal - Doors, Jack Bush has anxiety attack

Photo: Honeymoon in Jasper National Park
Jasper Park, excelsior creek wildfire aftermath 

NBC Reporting on the Alberta's Wildfires - Oil-Sands Shutdown

The Great Escape - Fort McMurray Wildfire

Queen Elizabeth Park wildfire 6 weeks later
(Gift to Julie Franz)
El-Nino , La-Nina 2016
(Re-Painted Over)

North Saskatchewan River Rising - Edmonton Queen
(Re-Painted Over)

Fire and Rain Outdoor Old Strathcona Art Show and Tell

Six Painted White Roses I Gave to Friends and Foes
3 paintings of pink and red roses were added and given away

Alberta Legislature Art Show and Tell with 6 white rose

 #AbLeg Former Forestry and Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier
Supported my first day picketing for freedom of expression 

Alberta Legislature Fire Hydrant
(Re-Painted Over)

Outdoor Alberta Legislature art show and tell

Fire and Rain - Circles and Squares

I am a man, on guard for thee
(Alberta Sheriffs) 

On Guard For Thee (Alberta Sheriffs) 

The Crumpling Umbrella
#Alberta #Wildfires #Flooding
2016 Fire and Rain Art Project - Blog

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