Friday, 1 March 2019

The Yellow Winking Hotdog News Media Party = #FreePressNot

"Artistic freedom is complementary to press freedom" Deelah Khan, Goodwill Ambassador
For almost 2 years I picketed the Alberta Government and Legislature press core demanding my right to a press pass into the Alberta Legislature with the same privileges employees with the corporate news media employees have including press releases and participating in press scrums. After 187 days picketing I decided to suspend my picket for now to prepare my next social art project "Freedom to Express and Listen" that will combine 6 years of social art projects. I will continue my picket later in 2020...

Canadian Press Reporter assaults me 
with my own camera obstructing my right to a press pass

 A Free Press means a Free Alberta

The Yellow Winking Hotdog

The People have a Voice, They Will Be Heard
Just not inside the Alberta Legislature

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